CHICAGO (CBS) — Coupons, a car and a bunch of keys.

CBS 2’s Eric Cox has been looking into a bizarre pair of North Side burglaries. Cameras were rolling as a man and a woman broke into a shrimp restaurant, and then later a car wash.

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He has the story from Portage Park where the thieves stole a car. Surveillance cameras at the 4 Seasons Car Wash on Addison Street showed thieves taking the vehicle from the lot and driving away in a customer’s car.

“In Chicago, everything happens. You never know,” said Andy Sularz, the owner of Millennium Auto Sales. Cameras rolling as a pair of burglars use a hammer to shatter the glass at 4 Seasons Car Wash on Addison Street early Saturday morning.

The thieves, a man and a woman. The man wearing a hat. The woman failing to cover her face.

“I think they’re new at what they’re doing,” said Justyna Seternus, co-owner of the 4 Seasons. The couple stole a cash drawer full of coins, candy and several car keys.

Including a set to Andy Sularz’s 2013 VW Jetta.

“I was still sleeping, you know,” he said. He owns Millennium Auto on Cicero Avenue. He said his Volkswagen was at 4 Seasons overnight for detailing. The burglars, testing out the keys they stole when they saw his sedan light up. Moments later, they put his Jetta in drive and took off.

“We’re speechless because we don’t want to lose their business,” said Seternus, who co-owns the car wash with her husband.

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“Maybe they felt like they got lucky. We didn’t feel that way,” she said.

The business’ door is boarded up after the break-in. It matches the entrance at Frank’s Chicago Shrimp House on Irving Park Road, just over a mile away. Half an hour earlier, the same couple was caught on camera inside the restaurant.

After rifling through the back room, the burglars left with bank bags.

Not filled with cash, but old coupons.

“I feel like they’re just hitting random places,” Seternus said.

A bizarre pair of burglaries with real consequences for both businesses and customers.

“Hopefully someone recognizes them so they can put these guys away,” Sularz said.

You might be wondering why steal old coupons? Restaurant employees believe the burglars thought those bags were filled with money.

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As for 4 Seasons Car Wash, they’re still working with the owner of the Jetta to determine whose insurance will cover the theft.