UNINCORPORATED SPRING GROVE, Ill. (CBS) — A quarrel between neighbors about a lawnmower that was sold for $5 ended in a serious accident right in the road and left a man in the hospital.

As CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reported, Corey Meyerin does not remember getting run over – the next thing he remembers is the ambulance ride.

“Tire mark going directly up his back – I mean, the truck ran him completely over,” said the man’s brother, Jared Meyerin.

Corey Meyerin was recovering Monday after being run over by his neighbor’s pickup truck in unincorporated Spring Grove.

“He’s got a broken ankle, broken pelvis, broken ribs, and broken jaw,” Jared Meyerin said.

Corey bought the lawnmower from the neighbor who lives nearby, and who didn’t want to go on camera.

It turns out the $5 mower was never really for sale to begin with. It belonged to Kasey Coble – whose father Don Coble, called the whole affair “absolutely, totally ridiculous.”

“He just woke up and found out somebody stole his lawnmower,” Don Coble said. “So he just went down and got it back.”

The lawnmower ended up down the street in Corey Meyerin’s yard after he paid for it.

“When my son found out about it, he went down the street to grab the lawnmower and brought it back home,” Don Coble said.

Corey Meyerin and the man who sold the lawnmower then confronted Kasey Coble, according to the Lake County Sheriff’s office.

“Corey got caught in the suicide door – in between the front door and the suicide door – and got run over,” Jared Meyerin said.

The quarrel escalated. As Kasey tried driving away, the Sheriff’s Department said Corey was hit with an open back door of the pickup, knocked down, and run over with a rear tire.

“I really don’t understand why my brother got ran over,” Jared Meyerin said.

“It’s just very unfortunate that something as stupid as that could escalate,” Don Coble added.

No charges had been filed as of Monday night. The Lake County Sheriff’s office was awaiting toxicology reports on Corey – who remained hospitalized Monday night, and on Kasey – who was behind the wheel.

Charlie De Mar