CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago police responded to reports of rocks and bricks being thrown off an overpass of Michigan Avenue in the West Pullman neighborhood early Wednesday morning.

Vehicles were traveling south on Michigan Avenue near 117th Street when someone dropped the bricks and rocks around 1 a.m., police said.

“A brick just hit the side of my car and came through the window, almost busted the window,” said Jasmine Moore, who was leaving work at the time. “So I just pulled over, and it was other people pulled over for the same reason. So we all called the police.”

The objects reportedly caused damage to the windshields of five vehicles, but no injuries were reported.

Police did not know how many people may have been dropping the objects from the overpass.

No one was in custody Wednesday morning.

In a separate incident, police have charged three boys with throwing rocks from an overpass in the Little Village neighborhood and striking a CPD sergeant on Tuesday.