CHICAGO (CBS) — An overnight carjacking ended with a stolen vehicle smashing into a CTA exit, all while passengers in the backseat attempted to fight the thief off.

It happened around around 11:35 p.m. near the intersection of Dearborn and Van Buren, in the Loop.

Police said the driver and front seat passenger exited a Hyundai sedan, and a man jumped into the driver seat, speeding off with two people still sitting in the back of the car.

Jasmine Brown and her brother were in the back seat when the carjacker sped off. She said the thief was shocked to find two people still sitting inside.

That’s when Brown and her younger brother started punching the carjacker to try and get him out of the vehicle.

“Me and my brother was fighting him in the back seat of the car, trying to get him out of the car,” she said. “The moment I punched him, he was like dazed.”

The carjacker lost control, crashing into the Jackson Blue Line exit about a block away.

“I jumped to the front to make sure, like, I’m trying to throw the car in park, but it wouldn’t go in park. So he slammed into the train station’s stairwell. So we crashed immediately into it. It was really loud,” Brown said.

The suspect ran from the scene and so far has not been caught.

“The guy ended up running, and the people in the bar, they ended up helping us, because they seen us falling out the car,” Brown said. “The airbag and everything came out the car.”

All four passengers inside the vehicle were okay and refused medical treatment.

Area Central detectives are investigating.