MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. (CBS) — A vehicle was left positioned almost vertically Friday afternoon, as a drawbridge went up with the vehicle right on it in Michigan City, Indiana.

Police said around 4 p.m., the sport-utility vehicle with Ohio license plates two out-of-state visitors inside somehow ended up on the Franklin Street Bridge in the resort town as the bridge was raised.

SUV Caught On Michigan City Drawbridge

A sport-utility vehicle got caught on a drawbridge as it went up in Michigan City, Indiana on Friday, Aug. 2, 2019. (Credit: Carly Luque/CBS 2)

It was not clear whether the two people in the vehicle ignored the warning signals or if there was some kind of malfunction involving the bridge.

Alarm bells rang as the sport-utility vehicle was finally pried from where the raised bridge pinches into the pavement.

Officials say the woman behind the wheel of the vehicle was from Ohio and was able to walk away unharmed.

The bridge remained closed for about three hours, but later reopened. The vehicle was towed away.