By Jeremy Ross

CHICAGO (CBS) — Not much has changed since October when CBS 2 shared the story of an intersection in LaGrange that is constantly blocked by cars when trains roll by.

Concerns at Ogden and LaGrange become clear at rush hour. There are moments when it’s tough to tell where the flow of traffic is supposed to go and where a path for pedestrians is supposed to be.

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(Credit: Steven Lifka)

“It’s hectic at times,” said one pedestrian.

“Things can get backed up here,” said another.

“The stop sign says you can walk, but you actually can’t because there’s cars in the way,” said yet another.

“These people are being jerks,” said Steven Lifka.

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In October Lifka said he reported the gridlock and pedestrian problems to police and the village.

Now he says with the exception of one day little has changed.

“They did have an electronic sign out here in November,” he said. “It said, ‘Please do not block the intersection or crosswalk.’ It worked for that one day.”

A nearby train crossing contributes to the traffic troubles.

Lifka said when the traffic safety bar goes down, traffic backs up.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross was asked to leave a message about the issue when he called the LaGrange Police Department. He also left a card at the village hall.

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But as time and traffic continue at the intersection, Lifka fears crosswalk conditions put pedestrians at risk. He believes is police ticketed drivers and put signs up permanently the problem might be prevented.