By Jeremy Ross

CHICAGO (CBS) — Two women were hit when an SUV crashed into bus shelter in Washington Park Saturday evening.

The crash, which involved a Ford Explorer, happened at 61st and King Drive around 7:15 p.m., police said.

The two 60-year-old women were transported to local hospitals, according to the Chicago Fire Department.

One was taken in critical condition to the University of Chicago Hospital. The other was taken in good condition to St. Bernard Hospital.

The bus shelter was left toppled over, shattered glass and police tape separating traffic from the criminal investigation into the driver.

“I see the truck … he’s doing like 80,” said Tyrone Verser, who witnessed the crash. “The guy hit her so hard, man. Wow.”

“It could’ve been us. That could’ve been us,” Glenetta Gibens said. “That van coming around on speed chase and didn’t stop, came back around again. That’s when the police got them.”

One of Gibens’ longtime friends was one of the two hurt and taken to hospitals. She said that victim would often spend time talking with others at the shelter.

Gibens said she had a conversation with her moments before the crash.

“If you ain’t got nothing to eat, no food or nothing, she’s there for you,” she said. “She’ll take her last one dollar and say, ‘That’s all I can spare. Y’all can have this. Y’all get what y’all want.’ And the man who did it, I hope you get what you got coming, but I don’t wish no bad luck upon you. May God be with you.”

One person is in custody, and charges are pending, police said.