CHICAGO (CBS)– A window washer was rescued after one of his lines broke, leaving him hanging from the 53rd floor of a building in River North.

The window washer was hanging by a single rope from a building located at 33 West Ontario St. when Chicago fire and police crews arrived on scene.


A window washer dangles from the 53rd floor of this River North high rise. (Credit: Mandy Moser)

Chicago fire officials pulled the man up from the roof and according to fire officials, he was “secured without issue.”

The Chicago Fire Department responds to a call of a window washer dangling from a high rise at 33 W. Ontario.

In the midst of the dramatic rescue, the window washer began to panic becasue his remaining line was starting to break, according to Eric Tendian’s Twitter account.

Tendian said traffic was blocked on Dearborn from Ohio to Ontario streets and on Ontario from Dearborn to State streets.

A witness told CBS 2 she saw the man hanging.

“People were looking around panicking,” she said.