CHICAGO (CBS)– A Wilmington homeowner said he was prepared to shoot a man, who he confronted in his living room just before 5 a.m. Wednesday.

At the time, he didn’t know that man was wanted for a series of crimes that stretched more than 50 miles.

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The homeowner was getting ready for work Wednesday when he noticed officers outside. Then his dogs started barking and he realized someone was in his house.

“I said ‘if you’re in the house, leave,’ he said ‘I’m not leaving,” said Jody Johnson.

With a gun he grabbed from his bedroom, Johnson said he fired a warning shot to get the intruder to leave.

He couldn’t see him, so he aimed between these two windows in his dining room.

“He said he wasn’t going to leave, so I said, “I’m going to advance. If I come in there and you’re still in there I’m going to shoot you,” Johnson said.

Johnson said the intruder told him he didn’t want to die.

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Seconds later, he heard the back door open. Johnson said he then knew he was gone.

Officers found the man hiding under a trampoline in a neighbor’s yard.

Police said he and another person carjacked someone in Calumet City.

Dolton police spotted the stolen car around 1.m. Wednesday morning and chased after them all the way to Wilmington.

The car crashed on a dead end road and the two took off running, prompting a massive search. The second man was found hiding hours later in a nearby abandoned building.

The two suspects are being questioned.

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The homeowner was not hurt.