CHICAGO (CBS) — Schools in Belvidere were locked down following a reported “safety concern” at Belvidere North High School, officials said Thursday morning.

District 100 reported in a Facebook post that administration got information on a 911 call about a safety concern regarding the school.

School administration and law enforcement were investigating the matter.

Shortly after 11 a.m. Belvidere North High School, Seth Whitman Elementary School and Belvidere Central Middle School were the only schools on lockdown.

Surrounding roads were closed until the completion of the investigation.

“We currently have no information that the 911 call is credible,” District 100 said in a Facebook post.

The lockdown was lifted at all schools around 1:20 p.m., and students at Central Middle School and Seth Whitman were scheduled to be released on their normal schedule.

Belvidere North High School students were scheduled to be released shortly after the lockdown was lifted in order to clear the building, a according to a Facebook post from the school district.

Buses were scheduled to take students home on normal routes, and students that need to wait for a ride were scheduled to wait at the stadium.

After school activities were canceled for Central and North. After school care is expected to continue at Seth Whitman.