By Matt Zahn

CHICAGO (CBS) — Mitch Trubisky is apparently just like the rest of us.

His attention is already on the regular season opener. At least part of his attention, as he said he’s already started watching film on the Green Bay Packers.

That’s partially because he almost surely won’t play at all in the last two preseason games meaning he won’t throw a pass this entire preseason. So how confident is he that he’ll be in top form in Week 1?

“You trust that your preparation has allowed you to go out there and hopefully be in midseason form for Game 1,” Trubisky said. “It’s just translating practice to the game.”

Another starter-free preseason game means another chance for guys like journeyman James Vaughters to show they belong on the roster.

Coach Nagy answered the question how he balances what a guy has done in the past compared to what they do in camp and a couple preseason games.

“There’s a balance. Every player’s a little different based off who they are, what was their history? We feel we want to give all these guys a fair opportunity, whatever their history was, let’s have a clean slate here,” Nagy said.

Speaking of the Packers, apparently Matt Nagy had a little run-in with Aaron Rodgers at a celebrity golf tournament.

As Nagy was walking up to be introduced, he tripped on somebody’s knee. Turns out that knee was stuck out on purpose by Rodgers.

Nagy looked back at a laughing Rodgers and thought “this is gonna be fun.”