CHICAGO (CBS) — A woman was in police custody Sunday evening after a multi-vehicle hit-and-run on the city’s Northwest Side.

It happened at 11:24 a.m. in the 4300 block of North Narragansett Avenue, just south of Montrose Avenue in the Portage Park neighborhood.

An officer saw the driver hit four other vehicles before taking off, police said. The officer chased the woman for less than a block, where she was stopped and apprehended.

Francis de los Santos was among those whose car was struck.

“I was just looking forward and out of nowhere, this Kia Soul is coming right at me. I thought she was going to do a three-point turn and stop, but she just kept going and rammed right into my front and she backed out, rammed into another car,” he said.

While a total of five vehicles were involved in the accident, only one person was hospitalized with minor injuries, police said.

The woman was in custody Sunday evening and charges were pending.