CHICAGO (CBS) —  A woman is found covered in blood in the backyard of home.

Deputies said she was shot multiple times.

But by who and why?

CBS 2’s Vi Nguyen has the story from the Will County Sheriff’s Office with new details on the investigation

Investigators said they don’t believe this was a robbery. Because nothing was taken from the victim. She was at a friend’s house when several people saw her stepping outside and a short time later, shots were fired.

It was around 12:30 Friday morning when deputies were called to a home on Riverview Avenue in unincorporated Lockport Township. In the backyard, they found a 52-year-old woman shot multiple times.

She was airlifted to a Chicago hospital in critical but stable condition.

A man told CBS 2 off-camera the victim is a family friend. He and several other people, including the victim, were over at his grandmother’s house Thursday night.

They were watching the Bears game and celebrating a friend’s birthday. He said the victim went outside for a smoke then moments later they heard gunshots.

Investigators had the home surrounded with yellow tape as they searched for evidence and potential suspects. The sheriff’s office said three people were brought in for questioning, but have since been released.

Investigators are calling it an isolated incident and said there’s no need for neighbors to be concerned. Authorities are still waiting to talk to the victim to try to figure out what exactly happened.