CHICAGO (CBS)– Second baseman Ben Zobrist returned to the Cubs Sunday after leaving for more than three months.

Zobrist and his wife filed for divorce from each other in May, court records show. The split came a week after Zobrist, 37, took a leave of absence from the Cubs and was placed on the team’s restricted list as a result. Zobrist also missed some time with his team during spring training.

The second baseman addressed the media for the first time since being activated.

“I am in a good physical place,” he said. “I am focused on what I can do.”

The player said he took time away that he needed to take time off and be in Nashville with his family. Zobrist said his priorities have always been the same.

“That’s where my heart was at the time,” he said.

When asked about his personal relationship with his wife, Zobrist said “nothing has gone any further” and “there is no legal action or anything like that happening right now.”

The second baseman said he wants to finish the season on a good note and he is grateful for the support.

“I don’t regret any of that,” he said. “The fact that there is still a spot in September for me, that’s why I’m here,” he said.

Cubs Manager Joe Maddon addressed the media to discuss Zobrist’s return.

“He feels pretty good,” Maddon said. “What he says, he absolutely means.”

Maddon said within a week he should be back to “total speed.”

“I anticipate he is going to help us a lot this next month,” Maddon said.

Zobrist did not play on Sunday when the Cubs lost to the Milwaukee Brewers 4-0.