CHICAGO (CBS) — National Weather Service investigators plan to tour north suburban Waukegan on Wednesday to confirm whether a tornado touched down Tuesday night.

Meantime, homeowners are working to clean up the damage from the storm.

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A funnel cloud was spotted over the city near the Waukegan Airport around 7 p.m. The National Weather Service has said there is evidence a tornado likely occurred, causing a narrow path of damage for about two miles.

Fidel Abalos said the funnel cloud came out of nowhere.

“I did see it, and I heard a lot of booming and noise,” he said.

Only one injury was reported, the storm caused plenty of damage. At least one car was flipped over, and the storm damaged several trees, power lines, and buildings.

Meanwhile, video from Sylwia Borawski showed cars on the road as debris flew around during the worst of the storm at York House Road and Lewis Avenue in Waukegan.

Andres Londono said he and his family were having dinner when they saw the first signs of the storm.

“The patio furniture flew east, pretty much just moved like if someone had grabbed it with a wire and just pulled it; and while it was moving this direction, the trees in the house were moving the opposite direction,” he said. “I was more worried for my son. He’s only three months old. So we grabbed him. Like I said, we ran downstairs, and it was over so quickly.”

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The storm shattered glass from their patio furniture, and their fence was split in multiple pieces.

Despite the damage, Lodono said he’s simply counting his blessings.

“That’s the most important thing. We’re all okay,” he said.

His neighbor, Maria Sipuentes, had roof shingles torn from her house, left in plies all over the ground in her yard.

“The fence in the back yard, it came down, and our tool shed got busted,” Sipuentes said.

Homeowners weren’t the only ones with work to do. A fence at the Ace Hardware store was severely bent, and the drive-through window of a Taco Bell across the street was shattered.

Employees said they pulled customers from the restaurant into a freezer in the back to ride out the storm.

“We were working – just making some orders for the customers, because we have a line in the drive-through – and then the cashier on the window, she said, ‘Oh my God, oh my God, look!’ and then everything blew up. The window blew out, you know, like all the window, the glass blew out,” said Taco Bell employee Guadalupe Carranza. “We were scared. We just pulled the people to the back of the restaurant where there’s like a little room.”

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The National Weather Service said the only injury reported during the storm was minor.