(CBS Local)– Twin sisters Antoinette Clarke and Tricia Clarke-Stone have experienced a lot in their careers.

Antoinette is the Vice President of Branded Entertainment & Innovation at CBS and Tricia is an entrepreneur and the co-founder of a marketing and advertising agency called WP Narrative_. The sisters have been called anomalies throughout their entire careers and decided to write a book about their experiences called “Double Down: Bet On Yourself And Succeed On Your Terms.” Antoinette and Tricia want to inspire the next generation of boss ladies.

“People that look like us and are women should be the norm,” said Antoinette Clarke in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “We’ve been doubling down since we were kids. We’ve used that muscle so much that its become second nature. It started in high school when we bought Guess sweatshirts and decided to sell them to our friends.”

“It’s about trying to democratize success for people that look like us,” said Tricia Clarke-Stone. “Double Down at least starts that process.”

The twin sisters provide eight principles for people to follow on their quest to improve their careers. Both Antoinette and Tricia have overcome significant challenges throughout their careers.

“For us, Double Down is you survey the landscape and you see where there is an opening and where you have a calculable advantage,” said Antoinette Clarke. “And then you go all in and when you go all in and double down on yourself, you’re always going to win.”

“I experienced a ton of ageism early,” said Tricia Clarke-Stone. “If I’m impacting and I’m delivering, why do I have to wait… that was the status quo beating me up like a punching bag. That’s when I got to the point that we had to challenge the status quo.”

“Double Down” will be released on September 10.