CHICAGO (CBS) — More dogs and cats rescued from Hurricane Dorian’s path are arriving in Chicago today.

PAWS Chicago says two vans from Nala’s New Life Rescue in Palm City, Florida, are arriving in Chicago on Friday morning with 34 dogs and 16 cats.

The pets won’t be ready for adoption for at least a few days after they arrive, but PAWS will need to make room for them at their adoption center by finding homes for other dogs and cats who are already there.

PAWS also needs donations of items like food, blankets, and toys.

Meantime, volunteers at the Anti-Cruelty Society on Thursday in Chicago welcomed the arrival of 89 dogs and cats rescued from Hurricane Dorian.

They’re looking for foster homes for the dogs and cats for 2-4 weeks until they’re ready for adoption.

The Anti-Cruelty Society also needs donations to provide the necessary supplies for the animals.