CHICAGO (CBS) — The driver behind the wheel of an SUV that struck and killed an 81-year-old woman over the weekend has been released without charges, and the victim’s family wants to know why.

Thoughtful, independent and always dressed in blue, Myrna Logan was always on the go, her family said. She even went dancing with a friend on Friday night.

Myrna Logan, 81, was struck and killed when an SUV hopped the curb near a pizza parlor, plowing into the building and hitting five people on the sidewalk.

“She would dance until she died or she couldn’t do it anymore,” said Logan’s daughter Lori Mitchell.

On Saturday the beloved mother, grandmother and great-grandmother went shopping and waited for her bus near Fullerton and Cicero, but she didn’t make it on the bus.

Her family ended up in the hospital where doctors broke the devastating news.

“I asked if I could see her, and they said they wouldn’t advise it,” Mitchell said. “So I never got to see her. As I learned more and more details about the crash, then I understood why.”

The driver of a white SUV hopped the curb near a pizza parlor, plowing into the building and hitting five people on the sidewalk. Logan was pinned underneath the vehicle.

“No one deserves to die that way, and no one’s family should have to mourn that way because of someone else’s carelessness,” said Logan’s granddaughter Christina Ulreich.

Witnesses from the restaurant who ran to Logan’s aid said the 34-year-old driver seemed disoriented and tried to leave the scene before they stopped him.

Two days after he was taken into custody that driver was released without charges.

“What happened? We don’t know what happened. We have no answers,” said Mitchell.

Chicago police said the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office failed to approve the charges, but the state’s attorney’s office said it has yet to review the case.

CBS 2 discovered a DUI arrest in the driver’s past less than a year ago, but now he is walking free.

The family said they need to know more.

“Could that happen to someone else and someone else’s family?” said Ulreich.

“Me and my family, we just want some kind of justice,” said Mitchell.

Chicago police said this remains an open and active investigation.

Megan Hickey