By Charlie De Mar

CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s been more than a month since a south suburban man says he made a deposit at his bank’s ATM, and he says he is out $3,000 and has had difficulty getting answers.

“I go to work and work hard for my family every day, for me and my family,” said Currin Caridine.

Caridine earns a living as an employee at the Ford Motor Plant.

On Aug. 9 he tried depositing $3,000 cash at the Stony Island Fifth Third Bank ATM on 79th.

He got an error message on the ATM screen and also a receipt showing his money couldn’t be deposited.

Caridine then went into the bank and says he was told to call customer service.

“I’ve been reaching out waiting for callbacks,” he said. “No response.”

He says in the weeks since he’s been getting the runaround.

“She just said the ATM balanced out to what it was supposed to be,” he said.

He’s still out $3,000. His bank statement from that day shows the money did not post.

“The proof is in the receipt,” he said. “They can review the cameras.”

He was planning to use the cash for a vacation later this month.

“I don’t want to dampen the trip for everyone because of me,” he said. “Just to get my money back, so I can move forward with my life.”

CBS 2 tried contacting Fifth Third Bank’s corporate offices for several hours Wednesday afternoon. Someone called back Wednesday night saying they will have their specialists look into the case first thing in the morning.

Charlie De Mar