By Charlie De Mar

CHICAGO (CBS) — New surveillance video shows an ATM deposit discrepancy after a man told CBS 2 he lost $3,000 while trying to deposit cash. The bank says the video tells a much different story.

Currin Caridine said he was the victim, claiming his $3,000 deposit simply disappeared last month. Thursday Fifth Third Bank investigated those claims, and the surveillance video reveals what appears to be a calculated attempt at a quick money grab.

“The proof is on the receipt,” Caridine said. “They can review the cameras. It’s some type of footage they do have.  They do have cameras on the ATM.”

The proof is absolutely in the cameras.

“This is the customer pulling in putting his card in the machine,” Larry Magnesen with Fifth Third Bank explains while showing the video from Caridine’s so-called cash deposit last month at the Stony Island branch on 79th.

“Following your call last night we did a thorough investigation,” he said.

That investigation reveals Caridine pulling up to the drive-through ATM and attempting to deposit what he says are $100 bills.

“They are not ingested because they are not being released,” Magnesen said.

It appears Caridine doesn’t let go of the bills. The money never enters the machine.

“There is no indication that any funds were ever deposited,” Magnesen said.

This goes on for several minutes, prompting an error message.

In the video Caridine appears to take a picture of the problem and provided CBS 2 with the screen shot, but it turns out the number connects to a different bank, not Fifth Third.

“We’ve had literally dozens of people looking at this video from every possible angle, and we’ve reached the conclusion that this is not a valid claim,” said Magnesen.

So what about the 3,000 dollar receipt slip Caridine claims is evidence that he’s been wronged?

“In this case I think the video speaks for itself,” said Magnesen.

Towards the end of the video he can be seen punching numbers into the ATM.

“The individual does have the opportunity to enter the amount that they were attempting to deposit,” Magnesen said.

In this case Cardine entered $3,000 once he got the error screen, but the money never left his hands.

“I’ve been in banking for 38 years, and I have not seen something like this in the past,” Magnesen said.

Before reviewing the video CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar spoke with Caridine on the phone and asked him if there was anything he wanted to share about the ATM transaction last month, but he stayed firm to his story.

He has not returned any of De Mar’s calls, but his fiance did call De Mar shortly before the 10 p.m. story aired. She abruptly hung up when De Mar questioned her about the video.

Fifth Third officials said they are currently evaluating what their next steps might be.

Charlie De Mar