By Tara Molina

CHICAGO (CBS) — Closed road, foul smells and frustrated people sums up the situation in West Dundee Thursday night, where a gas main was damaged again.

CBS 2’s Tara Molina learned construction is to blame.

On Huntley Road the issue led to closures during the evening rush and into the night. Molina was told it isn’t a safety hazard, but it reeks.

And people are fed up.

“You can actually smell it in the air,” said Roberto Berreles. “It was a really strong smell.”

It’s night three of the issues.

“Three nights in a row,” said Tim Collinas. “And the first night they didn’t get it fixed until 3 in the morning!”

“They stop traffic in a certain area and you can’t get in or out,” Berreles said.

“There’s stress. We are laying in bed, and we hear all the commotion. I’m like, ‘OK, what’s going on out there?’ Nobody is telling us. Nobody is calling us. You’d think they’d call and tell us, ‘You’re safe,'” said Tom Chuchman.

According to a post made by the Village, this week’s damaged gas mains were caused by the IDOT contractor behind the construction on Huntley Road.

“I just want this stuff to be done,” said Berreles.

The fire department and police stationed at road closures assured residents there aren’t health risks, but at this point, they’re looking for more assurance than that.

“There’s no communication! That’s my biggest complaint,” said Chuchman.

CBS 2 reached out to IDOT to find out why this keeps happening and what’s being done about it. A spokesperson said it’s being looked into.

Tara Molina