CHICAGO (CBS) — Moviegoers are mad over the lack of security at the Ford City Mall movie theater on the city’s Southwest Side.

While they were watching a film, thieves were breaking into their cars. And as CBS 2’s Eric Cox reported, one woman was left out thousands of dollars because of it.

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The woman, Erika Angulo, said she walked right out the doors to the parking lot of the AMC Ford City 14 to find out she had been targeted. And police say she was not the only one.

“Dashboard was pulled out, my papers were on the floor,” Angulo said.

Angulo’s Jeep Wrangler was one of at least four sport-utility vehicles hit Tuesday night.

The thief cut underneath the lock on her front passenger door, doing serious damage in the process.

“The cheapest quote right now, I have $1,500,” Angulo said. “And that’s just the door.”

Angulo’s entire sound system was stolen – including a radio, amps, and a second car battery. The equipment was worth thousands.

Now, only wires remain.

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Another vehicle break-in victim sent CBS 2 photos. A thief also chiseled underneath the car’s lock and stole his radio.

“They need to have some security out here,” Angulo said. “No one’s going to want to come here anymore.”

Signs hanging say the theater’s lot is protected by video surveillance, and patrolled by mall security and Chicago Police. But when one looks around, there are no noticeable surveillance cameras on the light poles or outside the building, and no security patrols in sight.

But security showed up when CBS 2’s camera was there and kicked us off the property. Our camera was still rolling as security spoke with Angulo for what she said was the first time – five days after the break-ins.

CBS 2 also reached out to Chicago Police. They said two people were caught trying to break into a car Sunday evening, but an arrest was never made.

The reason is that officers were not able to find the car’s owner to sign complaint forms. Thus, the offender’s information was written down, and then that offender walked free.

Two days later, Angulo and at least three others were targeted.

“I don’t feel safe here anymore at all,” she said.

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Long Island, New York-based Namdar Realty Group purchased Ford City Mall in May. Cox reached out to the investment firm for comment on security concerns at the mall and was waiting to hear back late Sunday afternoon.