CHICAGO (CBS)– As the Chicago marathon approaches, runners are looking for ways to kick training into high gear.

Executive chef LaForce Baker, Founder of “Moon Meals” was live in the studio with fuel-packed vegan ideas to get you in top form for the race.

Baker said Moon Meals wants to make it easier to get healthier options on the go. One way is through vegan diets.

He said as a former meat eater, he understands the apprehension around changing a diet. He said there are many protein options like tofu and beans in the meal options.

Baker said these healthy foods are items at Jewel Osco and can help with marathon preparation. Some of the meal options include fiesta wraps, pasta dishes and vegan chili.

You want to make sure you “food is fuel,” Baker said, especially the night before the race.

He recommends carbo-loading the night before with foods like wheat bread instead of white bread. He also said hydrating important the night before the race.

Baker also recommends a smoothie or fruit the day of the race as well.