By Megan Mawicke

CHICAGO (CBS) — As the Chicago Bears turn their attention to another prime time appearance, Monday night in Washington D.C., Eddy Piñeiro continues to soak up the spotlight.

He has become a fast celebrity after his last-second heroics in Denver. CBS 2’s Megan Mawicke reports on how he’s handling his newfound fame around Halas Hall.

Eddie Money or Eddy Diniero –  just a few nicknames already dubbed for Chicago Bears kicker Eddy Piñeiro.

He was named the NFC Special Teams Player of the Week, after nailing a 53-yard game winner against the Denver Broncos.

“I didn’t think this would come this soon but it’s a good feeling. It was an emotional kick from what everybody has been through, honestly, it was just an amazing feeling,” Piñeiro said.

And it looks like the team’s unusual kicking competition in the off season is paying off, and not just for the Bears.

“It’s been great, I got a Snickers deal going on. I got some chocolates, got some companies reaching out, it’s been pretty cool,” Piñeiro said. “Life is really good.”

Piñeiro is four for four, one of only five kickers who is perfect on the season. And he said he craves the pressure and prayed for that moment. That’s exactly what you want in a kicker.