By Megan Mawicke

CHICAGO (CBS) — All things considered, the news could have been worse for the Chicago Bears and starting quarterback Mitchell Trubiksy.

It appears he could be back sooner rather than later from his left shoulder injury.

Trubisky injured it six plays into the game, falling awkwardly and he left the game. There is a national report that he has a dislocated left shoulder with a slight labrum tear but he does not need surgery.

Head coach Matt Nagy didn’t confirm that information. He said they’re still evaluating it.

“We’ll make a decision on it and it’s going to be the best for him and it’s going to be the best for our team. If he plays, we’ll be ready, we’ll fire up, we’ll play, we’re not going to change much,” Nagy said. “If he doesn’t play, we’re fine. We’re going to roll with Chase (Daniel) and that’s where we’re at.”

It doesn’t seem likely that Trubisky would play against the Oakland Raiders Sunday in London but at this point, it’s unknown.

The good news is after Sunday’s game, they have a bye week.