By Matt Zahn

CHICAGO (CBS) — All indications are that quarterback Mitchell Trubisky will not play and Chase Daniel will start against the Oakland Raiders Sunday in London.

One player back at practice: star linebacker Roquan Smith. CBS 2’s Matt Zahn has more on Smith who talked about his mysterious personal issue.

Roquan Smith was back at practice today, a full go in fact. And, at least according to Smith, you can plan on seeing him back on the field Sunday in London against the Oakland Raiders.

“I will play this week. That’s definitely the expectation,” Smith said.

Head coach Matt Nagy did not confirm that Smith will for sure play Sunday, saying it’s going to be a day-to-day thing for him.

Neither Nagy nor Smith would say what exactly it was that kept Smith out of last Sunday’s game, with both of them continuing to go with the company line that it’s a personal issue.

“It’s out of pure privacy on this subject matter. I’m really not gonna get into anything,” Nagy said.

“It was just a personal issue, so moving forward, I’m past the situation actually, so just addressing it because I have to. It already happened,” Smith said.

He was asked if this was a legal issue at all and he said again it’s personal and added so it’s more that. He also repeated multiple times that whatever the issue is, it’s behind him and that he’s 100% physically.