CHICAGO (CBS) — A woman was injured when a chunk of falling metal hit her in the back as she was walking downtown near Michigan and Madison on Thursday afternoon.

Police said the metal fell from a 9th floor window of a 50-story building near the corner of Michigan and Madison shortly before 12:30 p.m.

Witnesses said the metal left a large scrape on the woman’s back, but she was awake and alert when she was taken to the hospital.

“She showed us her back, and it was pretty bloody. She was still stable. She was trying not to cry, but when hit with something like that, it’s natural to feel so much pain,” said Johnny Garcia, a valet at the Chicago Athletic Association. “If she was walking even a little bit slower, it would have hit her on the head, and she might not be alive.”

Police said the woman was taken to the hospital for evaluation.