CHICAGO (CBS) — When a confidential informant gives officers information, such as tips on crimes, police are required to verify it’s correct before acting. In the case of a search warrant, it must be signed by a police supervisor, an assistant state’s attorney and a judge.

But Chicago Police officers often fail to verify the address before executing search warrants, leading to the wrong homes – and innocent families – being the targets.

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It’s been a year since CBS 2 Investigators received its first tip about Chicago Police officers wrongly raiding a family’s home and pointing guns at adults and children. But as the story unfolded, it became bigger than just one case.

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Since then, we’ve uncovered more than a dozen incidents – with doors broken, homes ransacked and innocent families left traumatized in the wake of these raids. There are likely many more.

WATCH the full documentary “[un]warranted,” with CBS 2’s Dave Savini.

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If you believe police wrongly entered your home, tell us about it here.