By Marissa Parra

CHICAGO (CBS) — A smashed front windshield is a disturbing mark on a car as the driver hits a bicyclist on the way to school in Park Ridge.

CBS 2’s Marissa Parra has more on what happened.

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Park Ridge police looked for clues as a 15-year-old was hit while riding his bike. His belongings scattered everywhere.

“His backpack and one shoe was up on the grass over there, his bike seat in the middle of the street, his other shoe was right over here,” said Michael Passaneau, a neighbor who responded.

Neighbors said the impact looked severe.

“What I saw on the car was a huge dent on the windshield. It was all cracked and there appeared to be pieces of hair stuck in the windshield as well,” Passaneau said.

Police said the teen was on his way to school when he was struck before 9:00 a.m. at the intersection of Arthur and Greenwood Avenue.

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Just days ago on Monday, another child on a bike was struck by a car on the same road. This time, the intersection of Greenwood and Oakton Street.

The driver in Thursday’s accident: A 75-year-old man.

“He looked shook up so I pray for him and the kid,” Passaneau said.

So far, no citations and no charges.

The 15-year-old was taken to the hospital in serious condition. Police said he’s expected to be okay.

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