By Marissa Parra

CHICAGO (CBS) — Bed bugs, mold and mice. They’re things you don’t want as housemates, but residents in one building in Chicago’s South Shore said they can’t seem to get rid of them. And management won’t do anything about it.

CBS 2’s Marissa Parra went there to check it out.

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Residents at Jeffery Towers apartments in the South Shore neighborhood said they’ve had enough.

“I went downstairs to management to complain and it seems my complaints are being met with a deaf ear,” said resident Jasmine Wright. She’s one of several who took CBS 2 into her apartment to explain problems with not just bed bugs, but mold too.

“I believe that’s mold. This will be the third time they came out to repair that,” Wright said. “They told me I should scrape it, wipe my walls down with bleach. This is bubbling and bulging.”

“I’ve caught about 30 rodents in this apartment. Last year, I caught about 60,” said Labona Lacey.

Wright sent CBS 2 this video from inside her apartment in 2018. She says she’s tired of temporary solutions.

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“I asked management to fix it, all they did was put steel wool in the mouse hole,” Wright said. “The whole building is really bad. I’m not the only one that complains.”

CBS 2 tried reaching out to the Interfaith Housing Development Corporation, which owns Jeffery Towers. Someone with the complex said most of the staff was out on Friday.

Residents like Wright said they deserve answers.

“I don’t care if I have assistance with my rent, or if I pay market rent, it’s not fair. You wouldn’t want your daughter or your niece or your child to live under these conditions. It’s not fair.”

In addition to visiting headquarters, CBS 2 also called Jeffery Towers for comment. The person who answered the phone hung up. CBS 2 also sent an email to all five Interfaith Housing Development Corporation staff members. None of them have yet to respond.

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So what can you do if you’re stuck in a bad apartment? There’s a guide to your rights as a tenant. Click here for more information.