(CBS) — The Chicago Teachers Union is expected to go on strike on Thursday, as it continues to bargain with Chicago Public Schools to negotiate a new contract.

Here are the 75 positions covered by the union contract.


Early Childhood Teachers
Elementary School Teacher
Middle School Teacher
High School Teacher
Temporarily Assigned Teacher
Cadre Substitute
Day-to-Day Substitute
City-Wide Non-School-Based Teacher Coach
Teacher Leader
Professional Development Teacher
Part-Time Teacher
School Nurse
School Psychologist
School Social Worker
Speech Pathologist
Physical Therapist
Occupational Therapist
Playground Teacher*
Stadium Director*
Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Assistive Technology Itinerants
Augmentative Communication Itinerants
Early Childhood Special Education Itinerants
Hospital Teachers
Itinerant Teachers of the Visually Impaired
Orientation/Mobility Specialists
Instructional Support Leaders *

* Administrative position subject to negotiated terms


Audio-Visual Technician
Audiometric and Vision Screening Technician
Community Relations Representative I, II
Computer Technician
Educational Sign Language Interpreter I, II, III
Guidance Counselor Assistant
Health Service Nurse
Head Start Educational Resource Assistant
Head Start Health Resource Assistant
Head Start Parent Resource Assistant
Head Start Social Service Resource Assistant
Hospital Licensed Practical Nurse
Instructor Assistant I, II
Interpreter Clerk
Occupational Therapist Assistant
Parent Advocate
Parent Advocate–Bilingual
School Assistant
School Assistant–Bilingual
School Assistant–Bilingual–Spanish
School Assistant II
School Assistant II–Bilingual
School Assistant II–Bilingual–Spanish
School Clerk Assistant
School Clerk I
School Clerk I–Bilingual–Spanish
School Community Representative
School Library Assistant
School Library Assistant II
School Social Service Assistant
Special Education Support Clerk
Speech/Language Pathology Paraeducator
Speech/Language Pathology Paraeducator–Bilingual
Student Special Needs Program Assistant
Student Special Services Advocate
Teacher Assistant
Teacher Assistant–Montessori Program
Teacher Assistant II
Teacher Assistant II–Montessori Program
Technology Coordinator I, II, III
Truant Officer
College and Career Coach
CTE College and Career Coordinator
Youth Intervention Specialist
Attendance and Truancy Specialist
Post-secondary Liaison

Source: Chicago Teachers Union Contract, 2016, Appendix D