By Yasmeen Hassan

CHICAGO (CBS) — Hundreds of thousands of drivers navigate Lake Shore Drive every day, and regulars know it’s not always so smooth.

With road work taking place on the Drive in recent years, why isn’t the pavement in better shape? CBS 2’s Yasmeen Hassan hit the road to see for herself recently, and hit up the city for answers.

Near McCormick Place, it’s a bumpy ride down Lake Shore Drive. The cause is a lot more than a random pothole or two – and given that there have been resurfacing and repair projects happening on Lake Shore Drive for years, that is surprising.

It turns out it’s not easy to keep things moving smoothly. Roads buckle in extreme cold or heat, and of course, Chicago has both.

So even if the road was just repaved, it can need repairs in a matter of months.

According to the city, the stretch of Lake Shore Drive near McCormick Place and Soldier Field is especially tricky. There have been a lot of events in the area, and in order to make the repairs, crews need to shave down the asphalt and then smooth it out.

That means a lot of lane restrictions, which would have just added to the traffic mess.

The good news is there are plans to make the repairs, and they will be using asphalt – which is more flexible to concrete.

Hopefully this time, we can make it a little longer before the potholes start forming again.

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Yasmeen Hassan