By Megan Mawicke

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy, always positive thinking, greeted his players Thursday with a power point presentation on…the Washington Nationals.

He hoped Washington’s story of resiliency, overcoming a 19-31 start to win the World Series would inspire his own guys to turn things around.

CBS 2’s Megan Mawicke has the story.

“We saw the interviews that the players talked about. We saw the interview that their manger talked about. How amazing is that, that people stick together. People that get tighter through adversity, people that never quit, people that say so what, now what,” Nagy said. “All that stuff. How do you not show that to your guys and let them pull from that. That’s a really cool moment for them and that should be something that all of us can learn from in the sports world.”

“They were in a horrible spot,” added tight end Trey Burton. “Fifty games into the season, just the resilience. Some of the leaders on the team spoke, and we heard some of the interviews.  It was cool to see some team in a similar situation that we’re in right now and be able to win the whole thing.”

“No matter how much adversity that they went through, they never gave up,” said defensive lineman Bilal Nichols. “They kept it going, they kept it together, they stuck together as a team. It was real good to see. You could see their resiliency, you know they never gave up. To see them celebrating like that, I feel like they had the perfect type of story.”

So Matt Nagy deserves some credit for his creative and different approach. But it remains to be seen if the Nationals will help motivate.