ROBBINS, Ill. (CBS) — A teenage basketball player is going to be sidelined for up to a year.

Jada Lockett, 14, was the victim of a hit-and-run moments after she stepped off her school bus in south suburban Robbins.

And as CBS 2’s Jim Williams reported Wednesday evening, Jada’s mother is furious.

Jada was in surgery at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn Wednesday night. Her mother, Paschun Alexander, cannot understand how the driver who hit Jada could get out of her own car, see Jada in the street, and then take off.

Tuesday had been a great day for Jada, who had just learned she made her school’s basketball team.

“She was excited. She was ready to start,” Alexander “She texted me, she was so excited.”

Alexander’s early evening routine is to greet her daughter at the school bus stop at 135th Street and Springfield Avenue in Robbins.

At 6:45 p.m. Tuesday, Alexander was horrified.

Right after Jada got off the bus, she was hit by a car. The female driver got out of her black Jeep.

“I’m not going to lie – I was using very aggressive language, telling her: ‘You hit my baby! You hit my baby!’” Alexander said. “As I was saying that to her, I went to run towards my child, and I heard (the driver) say, ‘Well, I didn’t see your baby.’

“So at that point, I’m furious, because you might not have seen my daughter, but you had to have seen the bus. You had to have seen the lights on the bus. You had to have seen the other cars that had stopped,” Alexander continued. “What did you think they were stopped for? They were stopped for the bus, because they were kidding getting off that bus.”

Jada was unconscious.

“I was screaming her name, and finally, she woke up,” Alexander said. “When her eyes opened, that gave me hope my child was going to be OK.”

As for the driver who hit Jada, she got right back into her Jeep and took off, west on 135th Street.

“To pull up seeing your child helpless laying in the middle of the street, and for, like, the person who hit her not to be trying to assist or figure out what’s going on, I don’t understand, because I could not have done that,” Alexander said.

The search is on for the driver.

“Maybe you panicked, maybe – we don’t know what you did,” said Robbins Mayor Tyrone Ward, addressing the driver. “We’re just asking that you turn yourself in.”

Jada faces a long recovery with a serious leg injury.

“My daughter is an amazing kid – has been since birth,” Alexander said.

Alexander said doctors are placing a rod and pins into Jada’s leg, and her recovery may take up to year. But she should able to play basketball again after that.