By Chris Tye

CHICAGO (CBS) — They’re grabbing just about everything they can get their hands on – masked men hit a South Loop liquor store.

But it wasn’t just booze they wanted.

CBS 2’s Chris Tye has more on what they were after.

Workers said they’re more than rattled to come to work Wednesday night because of what happened inside the South Loop shop.

It’s just after 2:00 in the morning. The glass shatters with one try. Wearing gloves and masks, the first person of three opens the gate, fiddles with the lock, as the second person enters through the glass shards.

The ATM is right at the entry.

And within seconds, the ATM is out of the store. The owner shared his footage but not his identity.

“It was a two minute job. They got in and got out,” said the owner. “I guess they were looking for cash, which they got it. They pulled cash drawers.”

“It looks like they’re professionals. I’m pretty sure they’ve done this before,” said the owner.

While their track record is murky, the boarded Burnham Mart’s history is clear – and unlucky.

An armed robbery two months ago, set the owner back several thousand dollars.

And now a repeat performance.

“(I’m) frustrated because the incident happened back-to-back in two months,” said the owner. “I was not over with the first one, and now this happened.”

CBS 2 dug into police alerts in just the last year. There have been 18 of them. A wave that’s got the store’s owner thinking about added security and looking at the bigger picture.

“Of course I’m not happy. But, I gotta live with whatever I got,” the owner said.

So far, no arrests.

But the machine taken from the store was found severely damaged on the South Side Wednesday afternoon, cleaned out of its cash.