By Megan Mawicke

CHICAGO (CBS) —The Chicago Bears face a Detroit Lions team that’s lost four of their last five games, but veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford, statistically, is having his best season since joining Detroit in 2009. He’s thrown 19 touchdowns, has a 106 passer rating, and they rank fifth in total offense.

“I put him for sure as one of the top quote unquote gunslingers in this league,” said head coach Matt Nagy. “He can throw from every arm angle possible. He’s always aggressive and it doesn’t matter. If he thinks there’s a tight window he’s going to try to fit it.”

He’s an older guy, a vet, so he sees things a little differently,” added safety Eddie Jackson. “Right now they have a new offensive coordinator and things like that, so it’s working in his favor. But for us, man, we control what we do.”

And this looks like this would be the week the bears 30th ranked offense gets well taking on the Lions 30th ranked defense.

“It’s a good defense,” said receiver Allen Robinson. “They might be 30th ranked, but they have a good defensive play caller, they have a good structure, they have a good scheme. Patricia has called a lot of games, and even with the guys they have on defense, up front as far as some of their pass rushers and runs stoppers they have played a lot of football for them. So it’s a good defense. So there’s going to be a challenge for us. I don’t think it’s nothing that we can’t handle.”

A win Sunday would give the Bears 100 all-time victories against the Lions. That would be the first time they’ve ever reached triple digits wins against any opponent. We’re trying to find the positives around here.