By Marissa Parra

CHICAGO (CBS)– A woman was fatally shot, while driving her car on the far South Side.

The incident took place at 133rd and Ellis, in Altgeld Gardens.

Chicago police said the 53-year-old Kimberly Underwood was pulling into a parking lot and that’s when shots rang out.

She was hit in the face and killed on scene.

Family and friends showed up there, hugging each other and crying.

“Young lady coming home from work. You can’t even say wrong place at wrong time because she’s doing what everybody does,” community activity Pastor Donovan Price said. “They’re shooting, caught in the crossfire.”

Underwood worked at Secrets Loving Care, a day care center in Hammond.

“Miss Kim was a very important part of our day care,” said co-worker, Ternessa Burts. “Her loving spirit, her laughter. She always knew how to greet the kids with open arms. She was one of those workers that we all looked forward to seeing.”

Kimberly Underwood (CBS)

Another worker, Kurledia Thomas said she looked up toe Underwood “as a grandma figure. I lost my grandmother and her loving healed my soul. For her to be gone, the way that she did, she didn’t deserve that.”

“She was a loving person. I am going to miss her.”