By Megan Hickey

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago mother is pleading to the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office after her son was brutally beaten at a bar — by a man just released from jail.

It started with a letter.

“Mr. James Glasgow, I’m quite sure you have a challenging job. However, I’m writing to let you know how some of your office’s recent decisions have so horribly affected my family.”

This mother asked CBS 2 to hide her identity because her family fears the group of men who violently robbed her 27-year-old son back on Nov. 4 at the Town Tap Bar in Summit.

“He was severely beaten with glass bottles, chairs and human hands,” she said.

Video from the bar shows the aftermath, including pools of blood and broken glass scattered across the floor.

When her son refused to give up his wallet, a group of guys beat him up and took it anyway.

Four men were caught and charged with armed robbery. One of them was 21-year-old Eric Raya.

His mug shot might look familiar because up until August, he’d been sitting in jail, charged with a horrifying crime.

He faced first degree murder charges alongside two other men for allegedly firing a flare gun at a home in June 2017.

Police said they were targeting a rival gang member, but instead killed two women and an 11-month-old baby who were inside the house.

“The whole front of the house was engulfed in flames,” said a witness at the time. “You could feel it from the house across the street.”

But Raya was released from prison in August due to a plea deal in exchange for information on his two co-defendants.

“And now it’s touched my family,” said the mother.

As she’s caring for her injured son, this mom questions the decision to let Raya go.

“He shouldn’t have been out. Period.”

A spokesperson for the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office said that they can’t officially comment because the triple murder case is still ongoing, but pointed to the transcript of the plea agreement, where Raya’s involvement in setting the actual fire was minimized. Prosecutors felt his testimony would greatly benefit the case.

But Raya was on probation at the time of the bar fight, and the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office said it’s revocable. Now, they’re reviewing it.

Raya’s probation wasn’t scheduled to end until February 2022.

The victim broke several bones in his face and will have to undergo surgery next week. His family says it will be a long road to recovery.

Megan Hickey