By Chris Tye

CHICAGO (CBS) — Two workers at a school unsuccessfully tried to save the life of man shot outside a charter school on Friday.

A 30-year-old man died of multiple gunshots in the 400 block of North Laramie, just outside Moving Everest Charter School in the South Austin neighborhood. Neighbors said they heard 12 shots.

The shooting, which sent the school in lockdown, prompted two staffers to teach through their actions: going above and beyond any normal day at school.

Andrew Scott Musso is a behaviorist. Amanda Thorson is the school nurse. But those are their day jobs.

“I am a firefighter EMT, a lot of it is you just fall back on your training,” Musso said.

Thorson was also an EMT, and worked in an emergency room for a few years.

The victim was in the driver’s seat of a vehicle when a known male approached on foot and fired shots, striking the victim, police said.

The offender then fled in an unknown direction.

“There was a lot of people surrounding the car, I would imagine to make sure he was OK,” Musso said.

The pair tried to get the man out of the car but weren’t able to. Still, they did compressions “as best we could,” Thorson said.

“You hear that someone is hurt and in need and so you do what you’re called to do,” Thorson said.

While they were unable to save the driver, they were able to teach by example.

“I came out and saw a different picture and thought, ‘How can I contribute to possibly save a life?'” Scott said.

The victim’s vehicle was not in park at the time of the incident, and it started moving and crashed into two poles. Police credit Musso with likely saving others from injury by steering the car away from a nearby crowd of people.

Neither the victim’s name nor the suspect’s name have been released.

As the hunt for that shooter remains on, so too does that lesson from educators about what bravery and selflessness look like.