CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago police arrested two people who may have been involved in the shooting death of a 32-year old nurse in Little Village.

Police confirm one person was released without charges, while one person remains in custody with charges pending.

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After police found and chased a car matching the description of the offender’s in Frank Aguilar’s shooting death, his family had a hard time falling back asleep.

His uncle, Joshua Alcazar, said he woke up the family to let them know about the arrests.

“There’s a sense of relief, definitely,” said Aguilar’s nephew, Arim Barahona.

Aguilar, 32, was still wearing his scrubs from work when he was shot and killed Tuesday night. He was carrying laundry and snacks for his niece and nephew.

“He was an example, he was a father figure. He was my son’s godfather,” Barahona said.

A stethoscope on a cross and prayer candles paint a picture of the things he loved most.

His former classmate at Malcolm X College, Gabriela Esquivel, remembers Aguilar as a happy person.

“He was just always smiling, he always had something to smile (about) even on a bad day, he was always smiling,” Esquivel said.

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“It’s been really difficult for me, he was my best friend,” Alcazar said.

All of them — his mother, uncle, nephew and friends — are hanging onto whatever they have left, gathering at the place where his and their lives were changed forever.

“I wanted to pray with him a little bit,” Esquivel said.

But the line between sadness and anger is thin.

“He never did anything to merit that. That wasn’t him, that was never him,” Esquivel said.

They don’t have any concrete answers yet, but they have hope they will soon.

“No one deserves this,” Barahona said. “We all deserve justice, especially our family … we deserve peace and justice for my uncle.”

Surveillance cameras could prove to be the key in the investigation.

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Police said they’re looking at all footage from both private and city cameras in the area.