CHICAGO (CBS) —  The Chicago Bears had another abysmal outing, losing to the Los Angeles Rams and dropping all but out of the playoff picture with a 4-6 record.

But all the buzz remains about quarterback Mitchell Trubisky who left the game apparently injured. There are plenty of skeptics who aren’t buying it.

Head coach Matt Nagy clarified that Trubisky suffered a hip pointer late in the second quarter but thought he could keep playing. The pain and stiffness kept getting worse and Nagy pulled him with about three minutes left, putting backup chase Daniel in.

Nagy was adamant the decision was not made because Trubisky continues to struggle, but due to the injury. It’s unclear if Trubisky will play Sunday against the New York Giants, but Nagy said he will if he’s healthy.

“I knew he had a hip deal. But it wasn’t significant enough to not play. Over time the stiffness got to a point where he wasn’t really able to sit on the bench,” Nagy said. “You could see that it was painful. I told him ‘we appreciate your toughness but I need to be able to make a decision.'”

“They just decided the shape I was in I just couldn’t help the team the way I wanted to,” Trubisky said. “And so it’s super disappointing.”

“It had zero to do with his play. Zero,” added Nagy. “It was completely based off the injury that he had and where he’s at.”