By Jeremy Ross

CHICAGO (CBS) — A gunman is still on the loose after a shooting on the 606.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross has the story from the popular trail with one man’s close call.

The man behind the wheel of a car said the shooter was standing on a ramp leading up to the 606 trail.

Neighbors said police responded in minutes with some officers rushing in the direction of the shooting.  A man on his way to get car parts just before noon Friday said he was feet away from it being his final trip anywhere.

“There were like seven, eight shots,” said the man who didn’t want to be identified. He was driving with one other person inside the car.

“I pushed her down because I saw the bullets,” said the driver. His sister also asked not to have her face shown. She called the shooting a random act of violence describing her brother, not as a target, but as a mechanic working on car who was on his way to to an Auto Zone shop when his Honda was shot.

The shooter fired from just off the ramp leading up to  the 606 Trail. The bullet hole remains in the driver’s side rear door.

Fabio Orlandi works at nearby Drake and Bloomingdale where the the gunfire took place.

“Five minutes later, there was three cruisers right here,” Orlandi said. Seems like such a good neighborhood.

CBS 2 dug into the crime details and so far this year, in about a block radius there have been three robberies and one aggravated assault with a firearm.

“I could have lost my oldest brother, actually, for no reason,” said the woman.

There’s a surveillance camera mounted off the trail. Which means police may have an image of the person they’re looking for.