CHICAGO (CBS) — Ring-tailed lemurs at the Brookfield Zoo got their Thanksgiving meal early with a feast of favorites, which resemble what humans would definitely have on the holiday.

(Credit: Brookfield Zoo)

The perky primates were wide-eyed in looking at their spread which included the foods they love to eat, holiday or not. According to the zoo, their meals are made with nutritious primate biscuit, apple sauce and honey.

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(Credit Brookfield Zoo)

Along with the main meal, the lemurs had pumpkin and sweet potato pie with figs and a crust made of the special biscuit, rice cereal, gelatin topped with dried cranberries along with apple juice.

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(Credit: Brookfield Zoo)

The lemurs have celebrated Thanksgiving at the zoo for the past six years.

Guests visiting the lemurs on Thanksgiving Day can watch the animals enjoy the festivities. They’re located at the Hamill Family Place Zoo. The zoo is free on Tuesdays and Thursdays through December, including on Thanksgiving Day, but you’ll still have to pay for parking.

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(Credit: Brookfield Zoo)