By Dana Kozlov

CHICAGO (CBS) — Confirmation tonight of a job change for the female Chicago police officer connected to the Eddie Johnson scandal.

CBS 2 political investigator Dana Kozlov reports she was transferred by the former superintendent around the same time of the Oct 16 incident in which Johnson was found slumped in his car after drinking with the woman at Ceres Café.

Johnson was fired Monday by Mayor Lori Lightfoot because she says he lied to him about what happened that night.

At the time, he blamed it on blood pressure medication, but Lightfoot says an inspector general’s investigation shows that story is false.

The female officer was a member of his security detail, and a part time driver.

Now we’re learning as the controversy was simmering, Johnson transferred the female officer to the Evidence and Recovered property department  in November.

A CPD spokesman said the move was neither a promotion nor demotion and couldn’t confirm whether it was because of the woman’s relationship to Johnson.