By Chris Tye

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If you saw a hit and run happen right in front of you, what would you do?

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One good Samaritan decided to follow the driver who sped away on three wheels, after almost killing someone.

CBS 2’s Chris Tye has the story from Chicago’s Logan Square with the incredible chase that police do no not recommend you imitate.

On Tuesday afternoon, a Chevy Silverado performs the hit and run. The hit: two cars on Pulaski. The run: through an intersection at Pulaski and Palmer. Stuck in between was a civilian detective and a driver who had just recently buried his brother in a separate car accident.

“Recently, I just lost a brother to a tragic accident, and it would have been devastating for the family to lose us both right before Christmas,” said Randy Liebich.

Two days after the accident that almost ended his life, he is still finding pieces of his car at the scene of the incident.

Pictured in security video, a white truck surges into the Pulaski and Palmer intersection. A dark car on the left side of the screen is carrying Randy.

“I had the green light. And a white truck came barreling down Pulaski,” said Liebich.

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The video captures the impact. The Silverado spins, shakes and runs into the parking lot fence across the street. The car loses a tire, then goes past Randy again and darts down Palmer.

“If I had pulled out maybe a foot further, I probably would be gone today. I wouldn’t be here,” Liebich said.

As he sat stunned, a good Samaritan jumped in.

She didn’t want to appear on camera, but told CBS 2 instinct kicked in, since she had once been hit by a drunk driver and wanted the reckless driver off the road.

“I thanked her for what she did. That was pretty brave of her to chase after somebody. And she didn’t know what the situation was,” said Liebich.

The Silverado got away. Police still looking for the driver.

Today, Randy is short one car, but deep on appreciation.

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“I’m just glad to know there are still good people in Chicago. Despite what you hear about Chicago, it’s still a good place. Still good people.”