CHICAGO (CBS) — A Wisconsin man was arrested this week after getting into a fistfight over the show “How I Met Your Mother.”

Alan Huschka, 33, has been charged with one count of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, and two counts of bail jumping, according to Wisconsin court records.

Court records indicate the OWI charge is Huschka’s fourth such offense.

CBS 58 in Milwaukee reports a Rock County Sheriff’s deputy responded to reports of two men trying to flag down vehicles in Harmony Township around 12:45 a.m. on Monday.

When the deputy arrived, a man told them he and Huschka been drinking at the Packers game with a friend the day before, and drove to a Janesville bar afterwards, before driving to Rotamer Road and Henke Road, where they started arguing about the television show “How I Met Your Mother,” according to CBS 58.

Husckha, who was driving, then started a fistfight, before pulling over. The other man told police he punched Huschka several times in self-defense.

Huschka laughed as he admitted the fight was over the TV show.

He was due back in court next Wednesday.