By Dana Kozlov

CHICAGO (CBS) — An emergency meeting was called in the south suburbs after thousands of dollars in fundraising money turned up missing from a school PTA.

First a police report about missing money and now this: Calumet City’s PTA and community members are coming together to discuss the November PTA Poppin Popcorn fundraiser,

It was meant to raise money for student activities, but now thousands of dollars appear to be missing.

The money’s whereabouts are a mystery.

“Just as a concerned PTA member, it’s sad. If money was stolen, it is very sad, because it’s the holiday season,” said one resident attending the meeting.

District 155’s superintendent, Dr. Joe Zotto, sent a memo about the matter to the community.

It states:

  1. The PTA president took the popcorn money with her after the fundraiser.
  2. More than half of the money collected is now missing.
  3. Both the PTA president and vice president filed police reports about it. Police sources tell me up to $8,000 is actually unaccounted for.

So we went to ask the PTA’s president about it. But got her mother at the home instead.

“She’s got nothing to say about this,” said the mom, adding that her daughter is no longer the PTA president.

The now former PTA president was not at the meeting on Friday afternoon.