CHICAGO (CBS)– Aurora is ordering that child sex offenders living in a Christian halfway house be relocated.

Kane County has officially decided nearby McCarty Park is a playground, and Aurora officials agreed. It’s illegal for child sex offenders to live within 500 feet of a playground.

The 19 offenders living at Wayside Cross Ministiries now have to find a new place to live by Jan. 15.

“Friday morning, the Aurora Police Department notified the 19 child sex offenders who currently reside at Wayside Cross that they must relocate to a compliant residence by January 15, 2020,” Aurora Police Spokesperson Paris Lewbel said in a written statement.

“After that time, the police department will notify the State’s Attorney, who may, upon investigation, authorize the prosecution of any child sex offender who is residing at Wayside Cross.”

Thomas Kokoraleis is one of the sex offenders living at Wayside. He’s also a convicted killer and the only member of the infamous ‘Ripper Crew’ freed from prison.

He was released early for good behavior.