CHICAGO (CBS)– Opponents call it “a hospital of horrors.”

The Cook County Public Guardian has filed a lawsuit, saying children at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital in Uptown were sexually abused and more and that DCFS tried to cover it all up.

The lawsuit says patients as young as seven were sexually abused or saw abuse happening and that when they reported it, they were victimized even more.

One child reportedly was also given a powerful sedative, when it wasn’t needed.

DCFS workers are accused of trying to hide evidence by destroying videos and fabricating paperwork.

An attorney representing the children says it was the state’s job to keep those kids safe.

“Why did DCFS let this happen,” Attorney Scott Drury said.

The lawsuit also says state officials sent children to Lakeshore, despite knowing its problems because it’s one of the only psychiatric hospitals that takes kids in state care.

Chicago Lakeshore Hospital’s CEO calls the claims “egregious distortions.”