By Steven Graves

CHICAGO — Ring cameras capture all sorts of things–even the seconds before they’re swiped.

CBS 2’s Steven Graves reports on how to protect the very thing that’s protecting your home.

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Neighbors in Albany Park say it is a brazen, targeted act of theft.

But the suspects aren’t pilfering packages.

Instead, the thieves carry up a bench and fiddle around with a Ring camera.

The video cuts suddenly cuts out. Why? The system’s wires have been cut and the camera is gone.

The theft is getting attention on social media and joins a growing number of similar posts in the Ring community.

The cameras seemingly are stolen in preparation for a burglary.

However, there are ways to make your Ring less likely to be stolen.

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Carl Prouty with ABT Electronics says to use the screws that come with the device instead of the adhesive.

“There are definitely some things you can do to make it more difficult,” he said. “Longer screws is something that will help.”

Also, if your camera is taken, report it to police.

The Chicago Police Department didn’t have theft numbers immediately available, but Ring suggests you take pictures of the damage, request a copy of the theft report and then alert the company.

While it’s unclear where these cameras end up once taken, the advantage is you get a last look at the crook.

Prouty says homeowners should invest in more than a memory card, which can be stolen with the device.

“It costs a little bit more to do it this way, but you want to store your information in the cloud. That way, even if they are able to take it off of your door you aren’t losing that memory card where all the information is stored.”

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Most devices through companies like Ring can be replaced free of charge, butyou have to report it to police within 15 days.